Condolence Thought

In poem on October 17, 2009 at 1:13 am

Greetings to MARY and to all,

The EARTH herself sends to us ambassadors,

Rumi’s “human beings” whose beauty beckons,

inviting, welcoming, reassuring to us all.

Not concerned with delineating boundaries,

these special emissaries gently remind us

of our common parentage, of our oneness

beneath the passing appearances of difference.

What a relief they bring us with their glance,

which is saying to us, “Yes, you can really

rely on me, my heart is deep, steady, loving”.

Leila, Leila, may the Laila, the night, be

filled with starry light for you.  You have

fulfilled your mission so beautifully.

Lynn Feinerman

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