An Occasional Crossing of Ways

In blogging, food on October 15, 2009 at 8:35 pm

Words, pictures, stories, recipes and hyperlinks were our connection. No human touch. No sounds or voice recordings. No emails but for a few comments. No non-verbal gestures or body language. And no clues to secret places. But I was pleased to be numbered her buddies.

This new universe, this Internet, this Cyber Highway through history and the stars provided an occasional crossing of ways. And like a memory of the touch of a butterfly, or distant sound of a whippoorwill (in this case, a Dove) or frisson of a fresh insight, something we shared survives her passing. And someday we will meet again. Eventually will get to know one another better, sharing the immortalities we left behind by blogging, building in eternity a project we began years before.

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