Leila Memory

In in the neighborhood on October 13, 2009 at 11:09 pm
I only met Leila once, although she and I knew each other in writing from being neighbors and being on the Yahoo group listserve.  I finally met her in person about 6 months ago.  We were both shopping for the same shirt at a store in Montclair.  I told her she looked really pretty in one of the shirts she tried on.  We started talking, and realized we knew each other from the listserve.  I really liked her quite a bit.  What a wonderful, warm and loving person.  I’m sure her family is completely bereft at her death.  It makes me very sad that cancer took her.  She was way too young, but she left a wonderful impression on this earth.

All my love to her and to her family,

Mary Dresser

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